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ABOUT UAE International Investments

UAE International Investments is an international investment organization that manages a diverse and superior investment portfolio across various highly potential sectors. We offer quality services as we are working with some of the most experienced people the UAE has to offer. We manage a diversified investment portfolio in different industries and sectors, maintaining our highly-regarded vision to support the development and infrastructure of the UAE by owning long-term investments and resources. With superior market knowledge and sheer determination, we are able to strike the perfect balance between profitable investment opportunities and solid, humanistic values. At UAE International Investments, we feel it is paramount to invest, as well as support the development and infrastructure of the UAE by owning long-term investments and resources.
At UAE International Investments, we invest, grow, and manage investments. We target interesting investments, match it to the right clients, evaluate risk, advice, and guide and support clients’ investments portfolios. We are delighted to see clients come back with top-notch returns on their investments. Our financial investment experts are driven to successfully match your investment interests with the most profitable, reliable and enjoyable investments in the UAE.

It is our mission to build long-term profitable investment portfolios. We strive to establish a working relationship between ourselves and our clients that is based on integrity, hard work and a pleasurable cooperation. UAE International Investments is a high-calibre investment company, far exceeding others as we make our clients’ individual needs our first priority, and then skilfully provide international solutions. It is our mission to, on top of growing an extensive portfolio of long-term strategic investments, help preserve the country’s tremendous wealth of natural resources, and contribute towards strengthening the UAE economy

It is our vision to be the investment partner of choice. At UAE International Investments, we are flexible, understanding and have a noteworthy awareness of premium investment opportunities. We stand out from other investment companies, by maintaining strong and distinguished ties with our partners, legislation and government authorities. We practice an exceptional set strategy that signifies the strength of the UAE and its GDP.

Our Objectives

Through excellent management performance, at UAE International Investments we value our clients and put their investment needs first. First of all, we assist clients who wish to invest in both the UAE and internationally, thus strengthen the local economy and the local community. Secondly, we facilitate clients with their UAE investments by providing advice throughout the entire investment process: from first the reviewing of a new investment opportunity, to congratulating clients on their impeccable choice, insight, and outstanding return on their successful investment. We also constantly stay abreast with the latest investment development in the UAE and internationally, so that we can keep our clients up to date and help incorporate new investment strategies. Furthermore, we source sound, secure and profitable investments which have a positive impact on society. Finally, we carry out our work in a professional and diligent manner, so that our clients have the choice to become more than just investors. As UAE International Investments helps clients to think globally, clients have the potential to become life-long investment partners.


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The Technology market in the UAE is one of the most developing markets in the region with projects such as Silicon Valleys and other such initiatives taken by the UAE government to help this industry to boost in the MENA region. Rapid technological developments have transformed the UAE in one of the most modern places on the globe, where the capital has built the world’s first sustainable city (‘clean-tech Masdar’), to provide solution, technology and machines to clients to be with the pace of innovative technologies being developed worldwide. Clever technological gadgets, new inventions and innovative payment solutions continuously keep UAE residents on their toes. UAE International Investments recognises the importance of technology in day-to- day business from the highest technological software program to simple commercial product software’s and works in hand with government strategies to attract the right facilitates to promote and produce innovate & useful technology.
The financial services industry in the UAE has never done better. It is growing steadily, a recent increase of 37% - business structures are being realigned to focus on those areas that deliver the best profits. As a result, companies are expanding; creating more jobs, and are able to pay up to six percent higher salaries. Especially in Dubai, professionals are highly sought after, as more than 1000 new companies have just successfully established themselves in this rich emirate. UAE International Investments keeps a close watch on further positive developments in the banking-, financial services- and investment sector to effortlessly advise clients on new investments.
With over 500+ hotels in this emerging city, UAE and Dubai have changed the definition of hotels and hospitality by presenting first class services and developments in the country. Travel and Tourism contribute to 8.5% of the country’s GDP. As the market increases in the UAE & the region, UAE International Investments with its strong link to government entities is able to provide strategic investment opportunities to its investors. The UAE hospitality industry is home to the winning city Dubai as they won the bid to host the Expo 2020. This is merely one of the reasons why investments in the UAE have the potential to generate ideal nest eggs. This gigantic upcoming event, along with Dubai being well-known as an oasis, a much-desired shopping haven and an all-round luxurious holiday destination, make the hospitality sector one of the smartest investment choices. We keep a professional eye on the astonishing success this industry is booking, and we are happy to advise clients on profitable investments.
The UAE thrives on events and exhibitions. Wherever you look and whatever time in the year, one will always encounter numerous planned events and exhibitions, many of high international acclaim. The Expo 2020, film festivals, boat shows, golf tournaments, the Grand Prix, literary- and food festivals, music concerts, entertainment shows, technological- and educational exhibitions, retail conferences, special events at luxurious nightclubs…the UAE has an infinite number of investment opportunities in the hospitality sector. Whatever the event or exhibition, UAE International Investments has the expertise to advise clients on how to best tap into the industry and make the most of their investments.
The Retail & Service market provides one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences here in the UAE. With over 1200 stores, Dubai Mall’s $20 billion investment proved to be a success for international & local brands to establish themselves in the region. The Retailing & service sector is a much-favoured business practice in the UAE, and a successful way to double or triple one’s income. Franchising plays a major role in the on-going strengthening of the UAE economy. UAE International Investment’s subsidiary company Dubai Franchising attracts a number of services and brands in the region to provide a successful means to an end for every customer’s needs.. UAE International Investments contribute to the sector with an in-depth knowledge to help industries to grow and develop in the region.
UAE & Dubai is the home of the magnificent Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. The real estate sector accounts for 13% of the country’s GDP. The fact is the real estate market in the UAE is booming. With support from government entities to help facilitate incoming real estate development in the UAE, they benchmark a global strategy to be implemented & executed to provide world class properties development. After winning the bid to host the Expo 2020 in Dubai which is only 6 years from now, property developments are on the rise from the expected population increase, which is certainly interesting for potential investors in the property sector. UAE International Investments is knowledgeable and a key player in the new and existing residential projects here in the UAE, whether it be commercial, residential or hospitality properties.
Healthcare is a prominent and booming sector in the UAE as it is home to 9.2 million people. UAE healthcare standards are very high as the UAE government has invested heavily in this sector. A ministry report counted 1698 government-owned and private healthcare units spread across the country today, 92 of which are hospitals. By 2015, the expected healthcare spending is to amount to Dh40 billion. Although undergoing a boom in the pharmaceuticals and hospital sector in the UAE, the area is still in need of more investments. UAE International Investments plays a role in inviting world class pharmaceutical hospitals to come into the region and is enthusiastic to assist new clients find prospective investments in this sector.
UAE’s energy industry varies from a wide range of resources provided from petroleum to non-petroleum with an objective to produce clean and efficient energy and to successfully save oil for export and use abroad. Having the third largest oil reserves in the world, the UAE has probably the most ambitious renewable energy programme and is currently the leading country in the GCC in the renewable energy sector.. The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy calls for attracting investments in green project, and Abu Dhabi has planned to supply seven percent of its energy from renewable energy by 2020 with the Government’s own International Renewable Energy Agency and Masdar City, the world’s first low-carbon and ‘green’ clean-technology city. The demand for natural gas is expected to reach 6 billion cubic feet a day by 2020 and various strategies have been implemented to reduce that by introducing The Shams 1 solar project, which is a planned concentrating solar power (CSP) station that will generate 100 MW with plans to increase capacity to 2000 MW in the future. With numerous renewable energy projects running in the UAE. UAE International Investments plays a role in interacting and facilitating an opportunity for investors and organizations to access its markets.

UAE International Investments understand the complexity of the Investments market and we believe it should not be done without expert experience. At UAE International Investment, our job is to make it easy and simple for our investors to make a decision and to understand the risks and know that is involved in investing. We aim to deliver realistic returns to our investors by calculating current investments in the local market and the global economy. UAE International Investments understands trust is gain and the journey to achieve wealth is not an easy task, but what UAE International Investments promises is that we have the right team, experience in the field and knowledge to be able to guide and & act in the best interests of our clients and for ourselves. We offer our clients a wealth of investment experience and the best of execution knowledge. In addition, we supply unrivalled business practice in managing investment portfolio, and guide investors on the exciting path of green returns. The investment process is an incredibly exciting and rewarding one, and we advise you to not undertake first-time investments without much-needed guidance. Let us help you to discover the realms of UAE’s investment opportunities. Whether you have an interesting investment idea that you would like to expand on, or whether you prefer to use one of ours, we will serve you with confidence and integrity.

Traditional investments methods is something most investors are aware of. That is the know process and procedures that most of the clients expect to be offered from an investment company. However, at UAE International Investments we aim to go beyond that and offer our clients that opportunity to become entrepreneurs, the opportunity to become part of the bigger picture, the opportunity to live a dream, the opportunity to use their talents, that opportunity to get the right guidance and assistance from UAE International Investments professional team. Our Investment is in you and how you want it. At UAE International Investments, we know how to get things done and how to make the process of generating money a rewarding experience. The philosophy behind our unique investment process stems from a clear understanding that the greatest investment ideas will only become reality by simply starting a certain project. Take advantage of our wide investment expertise, and our helpful and professional team. Whether you are new to the investment world, or more experienced, we cater for everyone’s investments queries and needs. Make your investment ideas reality today, by contacting us with your proposal via our online application form and we will facilitate an appointment with one of our investment analysts within three working day.

Our Partners

These are some of the partners we have the pleasure for working with. Due to our high professional standards, confidence, integrity, sound work ethics, and extensive experience in our field, our partners trust UAE International Investments to guide them towards the smartest investment choices in a wide range of different sectors.

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    UAE International Investments values its employees and see them as the most valuable and profitable investments for its organization. We take pride in being an employer of choice and recognize the efforts of our employees and we believe their success is our success as we take pride in our work together. This is what helps us to achieve a world class performance. Come be part of UAE International to understand the difference and let us help you build a successful career. Please fill out our general application form and a representative from our HR department will contact you regarding any vacancies that may be available.
    “Every single employee is a vital part of our organization that plays a role to complete our vision.”
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